Do You Really Need A Smartwatch?


The short answer will be, "It is not compulsory to own a smartwatch but you should have one if you can afford it." 

10 reasons you only need a smartwatch when: 

  1. You care about the features that smartwatch can do to your health. 
  2. You may consider buying a smartwatch when you are a person who also uses a smartphone.   
  3. You do not want to stay behind the technology, but you prefer to take advantage of it. 
  4. You care about fashion, stylish watch. 
  5. You love conveniences. 
  6. It would be best if you often were reminded or alarm. 
  7. You may have some heart issue that needs to pay extra attention to it. 
  8. You care about how much calories you have burned every day from the amounts of your steps. 
  9. You are active in sports, fitness, running, or swimming. 
  10. Your phone too busy, too many incoming calls or messages. 

The main advantage of wearing a smartwatch has relations to its valuable features. Some keys feature are: 

  1. They are monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, or blood oxygen. 
  2. Motion monitoring to calculate your Calories, steps, and miles. 
  3. They are watching your sleep health. 
  4. They provide information or notifications such as from call, SMS, WhatsApp. It would help if you no pulled out your phone from your pocket or handbag. 
  5. They provide information storage. 
  6. The displayed weather. You check before you step out from your doorstep. 


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